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FirmTools Panorama Composer 3.1

Panorama Composer™ a tool to create panoramas out of individual images
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Panorama Composer™ is a powerful tool for creating panoramic pictures out of individual photographs.
This useful application is able to generate panoramic pictures from independent photographs taken in sequence with a regular digital camera. It stitches all the pictures, overlapping the necessary edges to obtain the resulting panorama picture.

The application will automatically detect the type of camera lens, as well as the focal length used when taken the pictures, and set the apropriate corrections (if necessary) and calculations to remove focal distortions when the panorama creation process is on.

The user interface includes a very clear tutorial (wizard) to guide the user through the operations when loading the images, positioning those in the right order, as well as a result previewer for optimizing the final result.

The panoramic pictures can be generated as simple JPEG images, maintaining the original sizes and qualities, as a QuickTime movie to share panoramas through Internet, as an HTML web page format with a panorama viewer included: Java, Adobe Flash, QuickTime, or ActiveX based viewers, or just as an executable application. These output created panoramas can be shared by email, without needing extra software installed in the receiver Windows system.

Besides the automatic functions included into this application, image blending, stitching start pointes, overlapping areas, etc. can also be manually adjustable to suite the desired output panoramic picture.

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